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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 27, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. the earthquake recovery in wine-country is well underway and now that a lot of damage is cleaned up, people with worried to you ho pay for. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. it's now been more than a month since napa and surrounding community were rocked by that 6.0 earthquake, the strongest to hit that area in 25 years. and losses from the quake they continue to mountain tonight with the latest damage estimate at more than $400 million. kutv's john sasaki was in napa where federal officials toured the area and pledged to help. >> reporter: a painter finishing touching up
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union bank in downtown napa, this neighborhood where the earthquake hit hard. >> anything that could break, broke. everything was off the walls. >> reporter: will be a long time before things are back to normal. >> a lot of people need help a lot of people are trying to get back into their homes need help. >> reporter: this house on oak street is red- tagged not because of damage here, but because of the house next door, which was knocked off its foundation and remains unstable. >> it demonstrates exactly the kind of failures that we get in a populated area that has buildings that were built before our modern building codes. >> reporter: senator basha boxer and congressman thompson toured the damage zone. >> the federal government is a government of by and for the people. so it needs to be involved in helping the private sector come back. >> reporter: along with senator dianne feinstein and congresswoman nancy pelosi the pair separate the letter to the president, supporting the state's request for federal individual assistance for quake victim. >> we feel that the damage we
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have seen qualify for this assistance. >> reporter: federal money would be a big help for this woman who sustained thousands in water damage. >> my personal cards are paying for the repairs. >> reporter: congressman thompson admits no matter what the government sends won't cover all losses. >> nobody is ever made whole. you can't unring the bell. >> reporter: in the case, four individual assistance, these leaders argue it was granted after the 2000 napa quake which wasn't nearly as bad as this up with. in napa, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 10:00, protesters have been picting against israel-owned ships at or the of oakland. here is video shot earlier today. protesters banned together in an attempt to block a ship from unloading its cargo. at the scene for about five hours, going home just after 9:00. activists say they are
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protesting the palestinians killed by israel in gazyawn the strug of much of the regionase infrastructure. >> we want a universal respect for humans rights both on the israeli side and palestinian side. we want the fighting to end, and at this point, you know, the groups who have the power to end it are the united states and israel. >> the events remained peaceful and no injuries were reported. the east bay regional park district is investigating the death of a woman whose body washed ashore this morning on the shore of san pablo bay. the discovery was made about 9:45 this morning at lone tree point, part of the rodeio regional shoreline. investigators have not released the woman's name, saying that only she was 58 years old and lived in american canyon. investigators say is there is no evidence of foul play, but they are not ruling anything out. >> we have some new details following that deadly collision yesterday between a samtrans bus and van in san mateo. two victims in that van were an eldly husband and wife the
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county coroner's office identified the couple as 84- year-old joseph stivala and anna stivala. the collision happened on el camino real and seville. police say the van was driver by joseph stivala swerved across lanes of traffic and hit the bus head-on. samtrans spokesman say no one on the bus was hurt. yesterday's storms brought more than rain and hail to one napa home. it was struck by lightning. it hit the home just before 5:00 on friday. toni kennedy says she was inside with her husband when the bolt hit a tree, and then her chimney. >> it blew out of wall we couldn't hear anything for a little bit and you know, we were just all dizzy, and so then it starts smoking, and so my husband called 911 while i called the kids.
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and just said lightning, come. >> here is a picture of the damage to the chimney. scientists put the odds of being struck by lightning in any given year 1 in 3 million. the cal fire reports that overnight apes helped crews get control of 10-square mile fire in the ed dorado national for the and for the first time in two weeks the flames stopped spreading. even so crews are being cautious and watching out for hotspots. >> even though it appeared that we had a really good drenching we're going to see the hotspots and smoke sporday possibly weeks to come. today's opening of hunting season was canceled in the area. the fire destroyed 12 home and is stillthanet threatening 3 other buildings most evacuation orders have been lift. governor brown signed legislation today that would help provide lawyers to unacompanied children in imare gration proceedings. while the move appropriates $3
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million to non-profit organizations to help represent unacompanied minors in deportation proceedings. recently there has been a surge of unacandidate children, mostly from central america, arriving at u.s.-mexico border. in developing news a police officer in ferguson, missouri has been shot. the officer was reportedly shot in the arm and will recover. police though are still searching for the gunman. there is continuing unrest in that st. louis suburb following shooting an unarmed back blather by a white officer. earlier this week the police chief formally apologized to michael brown's family for the death of their son. the national institutes of health says it will care for an american doctor exposed to the deadly ebola virus while volunteering in sierra leone. as early ooze tomorrow the physician could be admitted to the maryland facility. exposure to ebaylor doesn't necessarily mean someone will become sick. still doctors are taking every precaution necessary. the centers for disease control says the 2014 ebola outbreak is
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the largest in history. there have been 6263 cases reported, and 2917 deaths. over the past 24 hours the u.s. has carried out at least ten airstrikes on isis targets in both syria and iraq. the first american jets came from the u.s.s. george h.w. bush. cnn reports that carrier operations continue around the clock. meantime hours after voting to join u.s.-led airstrikes against isis terrorist were planes from britain air force took off. molly henneberg with that story. >> reporter: britain's pinster of defense says they are ready to strike "whenever appropriate targets are identify." >> british lawmakers approved a measure allowing brits to join the u.s. and other nases in taking on isis. and today those tornado jets took off from cyprus. the white house said it welcomed the british to this operation.
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>> the united states and the united kingdom have a special relationship. and we are pleased to see the strong support from members of parliament for members of the british military working alongside u.s. servicemen and women in pursuit of this goal that benefits the countries all-around the globe. while british, denmark and eaglum and other european nations have agreed to join the fight against isis in iraq they are not taking part of the battle in syria. that continues to be the mission of u.s. and middle east allies. according to one republican lawmaker, airstrikes alone won't be able to finish the job. >> we have done a couple hundred airstrikes, but in the first go forth it was 100,000 and the last war in iraq was 40,000 so we're not at order of magnitude we feed to be in the air, but sooner later somebody has to go on the ground and mop it up. >> president obama says he
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will not send traditional combat troops into iraq or syria, but sent hundreds to train and advise fighters. in washington molly henneberg fox news. in pennsylvania, police are narrowed their hunt for a man who killed a state participate. hundreds of law enforcement agents are looking for eric frein, a survivalists who officers think planned his attack for years. agents are concentrating on the area around his parent's house after the 31-year-old call his parents. so far frein has alluded police in the rugged pocono mountains of he is accused of ambushing a police barracks on september 12 b, killing a trooper and wounding another. a new york city fire kentucky is awaiting extradition to california tonight to face financial result million child sex abuse charges of the fbi agent as rested 51-year-old
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willbur riera. riera has been suspend from his staten island fire station where he worked as an emergency technician. los angeles police expect to take custody of him on monday. i think the message is that we're going emerge from this stronger than ever because of the community we support. from building to rebuilding. we talk with a habitat for humanity official about his new motivation following devastating fire. they could be known as the first grandparents. pictures of the new member of the clinton family. we're live in san francisco at ocean beach where two men drowned after being pulled out into the ocean. hear from the surviving son and brother and why he wasn't in the water.
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. a tragic week at san francisco's ocean beach. a father and son in town on vacation died while swimming in the rough surf tonight the family of the two men who drowned returned to the beach looking for peace. compounding the tram i did is that a loved one watched from the beach as the two men disappeared and were pulled unconscious from the water. ktvu's katie utehs is live after speaking to the devastated family member. >> reporter: heather, tonight family and friends have gathered here at ocean beach for a bonfire and they are still out there celebrating the life of their loved loved ones. i had the chance to speak with
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lorenzo gonzalez who lost his father and brother with the swiftness of an ocean wave. lorenzo gonzalez snapped this picture as he waited with his dog along the shoreline wednesday. >> it just seemed like it was a perfect day to go swimming. >> reporter: but san francisco's ocean beach was deadly deceiving. >> i was looking and looking and looking for the two heads that i missed and down the shoreline that is where i seen somebody -- somebody wave odd me-a surfer pulled josi garcia, jr. out first and gonzalez began cpr on his brother. garcia, jr. died the next day at nearby st. mary's hospital, leaving behind his 4-year-old daughter. the two men had traveled from the central valley to stay with gonzalez in daly city. he says they were all unaware
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of dangerous rip currents. >> everything caught us by surprise. >> reporter: days later, as the initial shock has subsided gonzalez returned to the beach to place flowers in the sand and seek solace in the sunset. >> i went to the beach with my family and i came back alone. >> reporter: funeral services for the two men are scheduled for this upcoming week. the family has setup a good fund me site to help people for those expenses and to help pay for the future education of the young daughter left behind. we will leave a link to that website on, you can look under "web links." live in san francisco, katy utehs. >> fleas were the target as exterminators sprayed roosevelt elementary school in san land. they recently complained to administrators about fleabites. school official say they are looking into the possible flea infestations at other campuses
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as well. the bay area has a long history of being a paradise for fleas and experts say the drought is making matters worse. hong kong police arrested dozens of students today follow a night of violent pro- democracy demonstrations. 150 demonstrators stormed the government headquarters last night. the students are protesting china's refusal to allow a democratic vote in hong kong's upcoming election. chinese government has reneged on the promise of universal suffrage, ruling that la month they had to choose from candidate as proved by beijing. >> president obama spoke of the gaps african-americans still face tonight while he addressed the congressional black cautious. caucus. >> we still have to close these opportunities gaps and we have to close the justice gaps. how just is applied, but also how it is perceived, how it is experienced. [applause] >> mr. obama credited outgoing
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attorney general eric holder for his work, including heading the investigation of the killing of a black teenager by a white police officer in fergson missouri this summer. >> the president also emphasized the importance of voting in the mid-term election. the oklahoma man accused of beheading a comer eglin consciousice. nolen attacked two women short will you after being fired the second victim survived. the investigation is now focused on nolen's association with osama bin laden. a college softball team in texas is in mourning after four its teammate were all called. they died after a tractor- trailer crossed the center median and collided with the
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team's van. the softball team was returning to north central texas college in gainsville after playing a scrimmage with southern nazarene university earlier in the day. >> is to to have this many people killed and just that many people injured, yes, this is a mass casualty car crash. >> three of the young women died there at the scene. a fourth died at a hospital. the driver of that tractor- trailer was taken to a hospital for treatment and is expected to survive. the search for a missing college student goes on in virginia while the suspect in the case reportedly won't talk to police. jesse matthews was extradited from texas last night. police say he was on surveillance video walking with 18-year-old hannah graham the night she disappeared. reporter elizabeth prann with the latest. >> reporter: almost two weeks to the day that heather graham went missing, police extradited jesse matthews. he traveled from texas to virginia, he is the lone
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suspect in graham's disappearance. reports are matthew was refusing to speak with investigators about what he could possibly know about graham's whereabouts. was seen on video with her before the disappearance around 1:00 a.m., september 13th, walking along a main street area called the downtown mall. meanwhile the search for graham a uvv sophomore continues. the police chief says the investigation is ongoing and he is asking for patience. >> this is a complicated investigation. first and foremost because we don't know where hannah graham is and we have to find her. the other reason is that we're still in the process of gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, trying to find additional video. >> the charges against manageu are abduction with intent to defile, the probable cause obtained from evidence gathered from his belongings. the charlottesville police chief has made pleas asking the public for help in finding her.
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officials, volunteers and k-9 units have expanded the search area to rural areas outside of the college town of 40,000. graham's family and friends describe her as an accomplished athlete, student and musician. authorities are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to her safe return. in washington, elizabeth prann fox news. well, the former family just got a little bit bigger. chelsea clinton and husband, marc mezvinsky welcomed their you this new daughter into the world. clinton is the only daughter of former president bill clinton and former secretary of state hillary clinton. we have some breaking news to tell you about out of san josi. san josi police have tweeted that a homicide just occurred an adult male was shot to death around 9:20. no suspects are in custody. we'll bring you more details on the shooting as soon as we get
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them. day hikes through the mountains are some things that millions of people do every year in california and all over the world. we're going to show you the moment of sheer panic that sent these people running down a mountain. also neighbors hebbing neighbors and how a watchful eye may have saved man's life in east bay. . the storm that produced all of the thunderstorms across the bay area yesterday is a little bit too close for comfort. coming up, we'll break down shower chances in your sunday forecast and when 90s make a comeback? the big changes on the five-day forecast. you used to sleep like a champ.
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. a volcano in central japan erupted today just before noon local time. you can see in this dramatic video a large plume of smoke shooting out of mount ontake into the sky and you can hear the panic in the voices of hikers who were stranded on the mountain. authorities say there were about 150 hikes are in the area
10:23 pm
at tile. as many as 40 of them were injured and as much as seven are still unaccounted for. the volcano's last eruption was back in 2007. as the man believed to have set fire to an air traffic facility at can chicago's o'hare airport recovers from self-inflicted stab wounds investigations into his past continues. federal investigators armed with a search warrant and bomb- sniffing dogs searched the home of brian howard. agents were looking for evidence that might explain where the 36 went on that ofage before 6:00 yesterday morning, cutting radar cables in a basement communications room and then setting a fire with gas-soaked rags before stabbing himself repeatedly. people who live in his area say they are shocked that their neighbor is at center of this investigation. >> this is like the last thing anyone would expect you know? literally right next door or in your neighborhood around here. so i mean, yeah, it's kind of shocking.
10:24 pm
a little crazy. >> for the last eight years howard has worked as a contract employee for the faa, at the aurora facility. he was recently told he was being transferred to hawai'i. problems of another kind at the airport in phoenix, severe storms temporarily shut down phoenix main airport and thousands are without power. traumatic weather caused sky harbor airport to lose. the air traffic tower was also evacuated. a section of interstate 17 closed to poor visibility and flooding:people there are also dealing with an invasion of mosquitoes from previous monsoons. maybes pounding on door of an east bay man's home alerted him to a two-alarm fire. the fire was reported this mong on foothill near frick middle school. we're told that the fire started in the garage and flames spread to the house. firefighters were able to stop the fire from burning nearby homes. a man who lives next door says he woke to the sounds of a commotion. >> automatically i go to see
10:25 pm
what is the matter was and i turned my hose on the roof -- if not it probably would have burn my house too. >> there are no reports injuries and no word on what started the fire. well, building homes for low-income families stopped at one construction site in san francisco today. they were to be sheetrocking and painting. >> even hope to the three homes are going to need to be knocked down, the ceo says this turn of events has inspired him. >> instead of dumped down the drab or flushed down the toilets, prescription medications were turned in safely and reason why this could be the very last drug take-back day.
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. from building to rebuilding. after a fire tore through three houses under construction in san francisco. habitat for humanity was build those homes for the less fortunate. comcast's cristina rendon shows how the organization is moving on despite the devastation. >> reporter: the buzz of a construction site. >> they were going to be raising walls. they would be going to be sheetrock and painting rip as habitat for humanity greater san francisco volunteers were prevented from working. flamed chaired the frames of up finished homes last night. >> the fire must have been incredibly inhence. >> reporter: the ceo says his disappoint is followed by inspiration. >> you i have been getting an incredible amount of calls and e-mail from our supporters in community to figure out how do we redouble our efforts to rebuild those affordable housings. >> reporter: volunteers have been constructing cinch family home for low-income families in the ocean view neighborhood for the
10:29 pm
last year. 3-alarm fire destroyed one and damaged two others. it's bad, but it's not as bad as it could be, given that we have 28 homes to build and only three were affected. >> reporter: luckily fire station 33 is right across the street from the development. >> all i can say is that they did incredible wore. >> reporter: investigators haven't determined a cause, but the ceo just wants to get back to work so volunteers can finish turning these houses into homes for future families. >> i know that we're going to come back stronger than ever and be able to rebuild. >> i think the message is that we're going to emerge from this stronger than ever because of the community we support. >> once the fire department gives the all-clear to the organization, they can star tear down and rebuilding those damages homes. if you would like to donate to the cause you can find more information on our website, at reporting in san francisco, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. the highway patrol is encouraging north bay drivers to avoid not only highway 37 construction, but the main detour as well this weekend. highway 37 is closed for
10:30 pm
maintenance work all weekend. today highway patrol officers say the highway 12 detour was heavily backed up and tomorrow drivers should expect more long day or use the richmond-san rafael bridges an alternate route. more closures to finish the work are scheduled overnight monday through friday from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.. the mountain view police department is slated to receive 20 new assault rifles from the department of defense. the ar-15 assault rifles have been ordered through a program that supplies excess military gear ostate and local law enforcement for free. officials say the current guns were purchase more than a decade ago were breaking down and showing signs of wear and tear. the last night the mountain view police department received free equipment from the military was 15 years. unwarranted prescription yours dropped off at collection points around bay area and this may have been the last national drug take-back day. that is because new rules from
10:31 pm
the federal government will allow pharmacies to accept unused drugs and narcotics. the people we smoke with told us that they appreciated the convenience. >> we're always wanting know with the old medicine. you can't flush it down the toilet and you can't put it out in the yard or anything. it's a marvelous idea. >> starting october 9th, farmlies can register with the dea to become collection sites. the drug enforcement administration says it's a way for people to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of socially dangerous prescription drugs. the shuffling of oracle executives is sure to be a hot topic as oracle opened-world begins. silicon valley is expected to launch the event at san francisco's moscone center. the weeklong event will draw about 60,000 attendees. long time ceo larry ellison announced last week he is resigning to become oracle's executive chairman. the company he founded is now
10:32 pm
the world's largest maker of business software. actor george clooney is now a married man. the 53-year-old arco tied the knot anyway private ceremony in venice ill-lymph he and his bride 36 bright human rights. at lake tahoe ski resorts are certainly delighted to see snow. north star you set up for a wedding calling the snow good luck for the bride and groom and heavenly, the lifts looked ready to go. the staff celebrated with a selvie and making a snowman. opening-day for both resorts is set for friday, november 219. >> that was a little itty bitty snowman. >> was. >> the black hole invades not just another city, but another country. the special day that london planned for raiders fans. >> and meteorologist mark tamayo with another warmest in the forecast.
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when the 90s are lykely come back? ♪ all around the world the dedicated people of united airlines ♪ are there to support you.
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. >> a bay area non-profit that helps women diagnosed with breast cancer received a big financial boost and here is a look at some of the women who will benefit. this is the survives a circle at the walk and run at caru lakeses in fremont todayment all of the proceeds from the event could to the hers breast cancer foundation in fremont and now at the stanford cancer center. from a 43-year survivor that i met today to one diagnosed just four weeks ago, it was such an honor to spend the morning with all these amazing women and those dedicated to improving their lives. all i can say tonight is
10:36 pm
congratulations, hers. >> big turn out there. >> really was. >> and i'm sure they were glad you were out there and had hing they will out. >> i always look forward to doing that and we have had great weather for that event. >> good for you being out there early this morning and we have a few high clouds in the bay area right now. the main shower activity, remember yes yesterday at this time we were tracking showers moving out of town? like now the main activity towards the sierra and nevada as well. right now on live stormtracker 2 can you pick out the circulation and the moisture is swirling into the northern portions of the state. as far as the sierra they picked up, nor snowfall for today and right now look like things are warming up, but look like we could have snow for the higher elevation. the snowfall reports adding up. one report at 8:13 this morning close to donner, 5.5" of snowfall reported. so very early start to the season out there. and, in fact, it's probably going to be melting in a few days with the big warm-up
10:37 pm
showing up on the long-range weather maps. right now we have lower clouds developing offshore. lower clouds near the coast and right around the bay itself. closer to san mateo and hayward as well. with a few patchy low clouds out there. current numbers, still mild, showing you 60s towards santa rosa, san josi 62. san francisco 61. and oakland 64 degrees. for tonight we do have this partly cloudy skies and here is our live camera looking out towards the bay bridge right now and just a few high clouds paying us a visit right now. for tomorrow, scattered clouds out there. no big changes and in fact, we're going to have a big baxt of the high clouds move in and the 49ers playing the eagles at levi stadium. that game on channel 2. partly cloudy skies, 74 degrees at kickoff, which is right about 1:25 and here is the developing weather headline, a warming trend and, in fact, we could be talking about low 90s on the extended forecast charts. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning, coolest spots in the north bay as you would
10:38 pm
expect in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. partly cloudy skies and fog near the coast. so this area of low pressure is still close enough to warrant some higher clouds and some morning fog and higher clouds. there is a slight chance of a few sprinkles, but mainly in the form of drizzle. so this the guy we're tracking. this will be on the move as we head into monday and tuesday and as a result, we're going to warm thing back up. later in the week, high pressure really strengthens and warm up into the 70s and 80s in the warmest locations towards brentwood could be 90-92 degrees. patchy fog tomorrow morning. to our north and east, some of that moisture wrapping back into the region. so is there a slight chance of sprinkles in the barack, but probably a high batch of high clouds by 12:00. by late tomorrow afternoon and into sunday evening we should scale back on some of the overcast. warmest locations in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees.
10:39 pm
lots of 70s for oakland and hayward, san josi mid-70s and cupertino, 74 and san francisco 68 degrees. here is a look ahead, some cloud cover -- clouds for your sunday and morning fog for monday. a bit of a warm-up by monday and tuesday, but the real warming kicks in basically on- track for the calendar for this time of year in the bay area. for wednesday, and thursday, this is our summer. >> right. >> it's going show up later in the week. >> and snow is in the sierras and 90s down here. >> just an interesting time for us here in northern california. >> thank you, mark. well, pets went on parade down the streets of burlingame. ♪[ music ] >> so cute. organizers said all poets were welcome, even stuffed animal and among the prize were ribbons for best dressed pet and best trick and
10:40 pm
most original wagon. this event raises funds for the peninsula human society. >> looked like they had a doggone good time. [ laughter ]. >> raider fans are known for being fiercely loyal-raiders! , raiders! >> sounds familiarment they are feeling the raider nation in londons where the raiders take on miami dolphins tomorrow. fans turned out today to show the british how to support american-style football. the teams will compete at wembley stadium at 10:00 a.m. pacific time. the nfl is staging three games in london this season. coming up, the race for baseball's postseason. and we'll tell you why the oakland a's were rooting for the ainges -- that sounds weird. sportswrap is next are which are ♪
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vic fangi. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. after 161 games the oakland a's will have to wait at least one more day to determine whether or not they are a playoff team? oakland's magic number still one, to clinch the final wild- card spot in the american league. they are encouraging fans to eat chicken. it started out well against the rangers. scott baker and josh donaldson in the 1st with a solo home run, his 29th. year. rangers took a 3-2 lead in the 7 b robinson chirinos adds to it. josh reddick singles and jonny gomes tries to score, just slides in ahead of the tag
10:44 pm
chirinos. callaspo with a high drive chases smolinksi to the wall, but smol yuki makes the catch and rangers hang on 5-4 and all eyes shivved to seattle redevelopment agency the mariners were playing for their wild-card survival. the a's watching from the clubhouse in texas and hoping that the angels could put the mariners away. runners at coppers, austin jockson with a ground ball and angels tried to turn, but jackson beats the throw. brad miller comes home from 3rd and mariners win 2-1 to stay alive for another day. if they win tomorrow when the a's lose, oakland and seattle will meet in a one-game playoff. and it's not all wrappedded up yet in the american league central. the tigers lead the central, but were lit up today by the minnesota twins. escobar caps you off a huge day with a 3-run homer are 4 for 5 with 6 rbis and twins keep the
10:45 pm
tigers from clinching the division. >> duffy gives up to chicago's josi abreu in the 1st with a couple of runners ob. that is 36 homers, 107 rbi's on the year for abreu. the white sox win 5-4, which means detroit has a one-game lead over kansas city with one to play. the giants have known since thursday night that they are a playoff team of the they still don't know whether their wild- card game would be in pittsburgh or st. louis? this was a day for san francisco to play the kids against san diego, which meant hunter pence's consecutive game streak ended at 331. first inning belt with one that lands fair. duffy running all wait from 1st and scores the game's first run. 1-0 giants. peavy wept 5 innings allowing one run on four hits. former no. 1 draft pick, brown having to get it the hard


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